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Business insurance (or commercial insurance) is a contract between the business owner(s) and an insurance company, whereby the business policyholder(s) pays a set premium, and the insurance company agrees to pay for any related losses as outlined in the commercial insurance policy. Depending on the kind of business in question and where the business is located, different kinds of commercial insurance may be needed.

The most common business insurance policies sought by business owners are the following: Commercial Property Insurance, General Liability Insurance (CGL), Professional Liability Insurance, Accounts Receivable Insurance (AR), Crime Insurance coverage, and Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O). What follows is a brief description of each:

Commercial property insurance (including business interruption insurance)

Commercial Property Insurance includes building coverage, contents coverage, stock coverage, and equipment coverage against physical loss or damage. Commercial property insurance is typically paired with Business Interruption coverage which can offset income you may lose while you’re shut down as a result of an insured loss.

Comprehensive insurance or commercial general liability insurance (CGL)

Commercial General Liability Insurance covers claims against your business for bodily injury or property damage to other people. Commercial General Liability Insurance is not a Professional Liability Insurance (errors and omissions) policy.

Accounts receivable insurance coverage (AR)

Accounts Receivable Insurance protection provides coverage when business records are destroyed by an insured peril, and the business cannot collect money owed to it. The Accounts Receivable Insurance policy covers these uncollectible sums plus the expense of record reconstruction and extra collection fees.

Crime insurance, theft insurance coverage and fidelity bonds

Crime Insurance coverage protects your business from losses resulting from a burglary, robbery or theft. Fidelity bonds specifically cover theft perpetrated by your employees who might steal money, equipment or other assets from you or a client.

Errors and omissions, a.k.a. professional liability insurance or professionals insurance

Professional Liability Insurance or Professionals Insurance is especially important to professionals who deal with clients that could claim that something that you or your company did on their behalf was done wrong, costing them money or causing them harm.

Who should be looking to get a commercial insurance or business insurance policy?

No matter the business, commercial insurance can be an important part of your business’s success; because while you may not be able to completely avoid financial losses due to accident or disaster, you can plan to minimize their effect if they should happen. Businesses that Deeks Insurance quotes for commercial insurance include but are not limited to: Automotive related businesses, Cleaning & Repair services, Food Services & Sales, Financial Services, Healthcare Services providers, Professional Services, Retail operations, Home-based businesses, Contractors, Carpenters, Electricians, Auto Repairs, Painters, Beauty Parlors, Information Technology (IT), Lawyers, Trades, and a wide range of other Miscellaneous businesses.
In addition, the many business' associated with real estate, require commercial property insurance. In almost every case, it would be most foolhardy to operate a commercial property business without adequate insurance: Building owners, property management firms and Landlords need to be properly insured (Landlords Insurance). If you’re a Condominium (Condo) Building Owner, Retail Building Owner, Shopping Mall/Shopping Plaza Owner, Low Rise Building Owner, Office Building Owner, Retail Store Plaza/Mall Owner or a Real Estate Management Firm, we encourage you to experience service without conditions.

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